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1. New product has come, but on where should the spotlight be? 2. A brief review of SACOM’s seminar on Foxconn’s Incidents 3. Book review: The Serial Jumps behind Foxconn’s Success 4. External Structural Cause of Foxconn Tragedy 5. Foxconn Labour Exploitation Deadlock 6. Apple’s social responsibility? 7. NGOs’ claims against Apple’s labour issue 8. … Continue reading

Child Labour Issues on Apple’s Chinese Suppliers

In Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Report 2011, Apple discovered that 91 children under the age of 16 working illegally at 10 Chinese factories making Apple products. Also, Apple also finally admits its supplier was responsible for this. International Standards The main international and legal instruments related to child labour are the Conventions of the International Labour … Continue reading

The Theory of Corporate Social responsibility and the Challenges it faced under Globalization

‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) refers to a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model, which usually involves active compliance with the law, ethical standards, and international norms. This theory aims to achieve positive impacts on the environment, consumers, employees, and the communities. Under the force of globalization, this theory has been challenged by … Continue reading

STACI Factory Visit in Doungguan

This is the Pdf version: STACI visit summary by Tammy

Putting the issue to the extreme: is CSR itself unproblematic?

Our group has written some articles explaining what the term Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is and how it can be applied to studies the labour issued involved during the production of iPhone. It is our view that Apple has not done enough to fulfill its CSR. However, the following video clip has directed me to think further … Continue reading

Apple, Marks and Spencer and Dell

Apple claimed social responsibility was fundamental to their ways of doing business in Apple Supplier Responsibility 2011 Progress Report. In this post, we would like to look at the CSR programs of two other mass corporations (Marks and Spencer and Dell) which have a similar claim in order to make comparisons with Apple’s program. Marks … Continue reading

Book review: The Serial Jumps behind Foxconn’s Success (《富士康輝煌背後的連環跳》)

  In September 2010, the “General Investigation Report of Foxconn”, the report of an investigation conducted by scholars from more than 20 Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong universities on the serial suicides happened in Foxconn, was published. Five major problems in Foxconn have been identified, together with an interview with a survived 17-year-old victim of … Continue reading

A brief review of SACOM’s seminar on Foxconn’s Incidents

It is our pleasure that Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) had accepted our invitation and gave a seminar for our class on the topic of the Foxconn’s suicides and related labour issues. On 8th April, Miss Debby Chan, a member of SACOM, came to our university and discuss with us what has happened … Continue reading

NGOs’ claims against Apple’s labour issue

By Janice Cheung After several tragic suicide incidents happened in Chinese factories, NGOs concerning labour rights and business ethics have voiced out their opinions on the issue and urged Apple and the relevant factories to address the root causes of the situation. What labour issues? The suicide incidents revealed the brutality behind the manufacturing process … Continue reading

Apple’s social responsibility?

Numerous cases of suicide at Foxconn have raised public awareness of the social responsibility Apple should bear as a huge multi-national corporation and a highly popular brand. In response to criticisms made by NGOs and the mass media, Apple published the Global Suppliers Responsibility 2011 Progress Report. In this post, we would like to summarize Apple’s … Continue reading