Everyday, we make decisions as consumers. We choose products that are cheaper, faster, more technologically advanced or more value for money. As a class, the POLI0076 team has attempted to show how these needs are met through the life cycle of the iPhone. In no way is this an anti-Apple campaign. Issues raised in the Conflict Minerals and Disposal sections affect manufacturers and brands providing electronics of different kinds- laptops, mobile phones, hospital equipment, and so on. Similarly, concerns raised about labour rights can be observed in the clothing industry with the use of sweat shops to cater to the fashionable demands of high-street shoppers in the developed world. The iPhone is merely used here as a case study, not a scape goat. However, our aim remains constant- to show how the growing and deepening interconnectedness of today’s world links us to complete strangers around the world through our purchasing decisions. Creating awareness of this connection is paramount before addressing whether or not such a link is helpful or harmful. We hope that the information provided through these few articles can help the reader to decide which side of this coin they represent.

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