A vist to the Li Tong Group

The International Industrial Centre houses the Hong Kong office of the Li Tong Group, Apple’s official recycler for the region. We paid Li Tong a vist to find out about their involvement with Apple. Unfortunately the staff were reluctant to talk to us and seemed in a rush to close the door on us We have … Continue reading

A few bad Apples or rotten to the core?

These problems of e-waste and toxic chemicals are not limited to Apple. Many potentially hazardous materials have important uses and are only dangerous if handled improperly. Apple is does not have the cleanest record, although nor is it the worst offender. Apple is placed 9 out of 18 according to Greenpeace. Apple has made significant … Continue reading

Green Apple?

By 2010 70% of the first generation iPhones sold where no longer in use, instead they had become “e-waste”. In total E-waste now makes up around 5% of all waste, roughly the same volume as plastic bags, however electronics contain some of the most difficult and dangerous materials to dispose of. Apple products are the … Continue reading